2008-2013 KTM 690 Enduro Evo 2 Tank Kit

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2008-2013 KTM 690 Enduro Evo 2 Tank Kit



Our new EVO2 Tank Kits have been CAD designed to fit all KTM 690 Enduro & SMC models up to 2013, and hold an extra 10 litres capacity of fuel, ideal for the longer trips or rallies. 

*EVO2 Fairings will not fit SMC models

Width with tanks fitted, measuring at triple clamp is 450mm.   Evo1 tanks 580mm.  2013 standard KTM 690 is 400mm.

These are rotational-moulded in Polyethylene, in either Black, Orange, White or Natural (semi-opaque) and come complete with all fixings required to fit the kit.

The fuel tanks are connected into the OEM rear tank using our billet adaptor system, which has been proven successfully over the last 3 years with our previous kits.

Each tank is fitted with its own fuel tap, so they can be independently turned on or off. Both tanks are supplied with Acerbis Cap & breather.

Complete with all necessary fixings, so bike can be returned to standard, if required when the kit is removed.


No disruption to the OEM air filter cover, seat removal is not affected, and does not interfere with filter maintenance.

Both tanks are very easy to remove in a couple of minutes, for routine maintenance.

Designed to work in conjunction with our Toolbox RRP 076(available separately), and Foam Air Filter Kit RRP 010.

If tanks ONLY are fitted, then you will require our Tank Shroud Kit (available separately) in either Orange, White or Black.

These tank kits are designed to work best with our own Radiator Screen RRP 095, but the OEM plastic screen can be cut down and used, if required.

These tanks have been designed to fit with our Radiator Protector RRP 150(available separately).

All our tanks have been race-tested on most major rallies around the world, and as such, we are confident that they will survive most efforts to damage them, in the event of a crash impact.

Due to the nature of the rotational moulding process, this can cause slight scratching and surface blemishes.Although these do not affect the performance of the tank, we supply a perforated plain colour graphic panel to go on the outside of the tank.

We also have a section of heat-resistant adhesive silver tape on the underside of the left tank to minimise heat transfer from the header pipe.

They are also chemically Fluorinated after moulding, this ensures that the tanks do not leach vapours through the plastic, which can cause "sweating" of the tanks and also causes graphics to lift off over time, this is a process which is not used by many other after-market tank manufacturers.

Any models pre 2012 will require the ignition coil to be moved to the new 2012 position, but we provide the necessary bracket to do this in the kit as standard.

The fitment of our tank kits does not require the removal, or modification of any of the KTM electrical sensors or wiring.

All our tank kits, although normally in stock, are built to order, depending on colour & kit specification, and can take up to 12 working days to despatch, from receipt of order.

Total fitted weight 4Kgs.



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