WP Cone Valve Cartridge Kit


WP Cone Valve Cartridge Kit


The WP Cone Valve Cartridge Kit is the perfect solution to upgrade your original WP OEM Fork. This cartridge is made out of the same highperformancecomponents as the Cone Valve Fork but is designed to fit your serial fork tubes.

This upgrade kit is suitable for WP Closed Cartridge, WP Open Cartridge as well as WP Closed Cartridge 4CS OEM forks.

• Your original fork with the latest technology
• More comfort when using harder set-ups
• Lightweight construction
• All adjustments made externally
• No sealing surface so minimum drop of pressure after valve opens
• Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve, so harshness reduced
• No shims, therefore no loss of damping because of bent shims
• Adjustable Spring Preload
• Adjustable Compression Damping
• Adjustable Rebound Damping

Average production time is 2-4 weeks.

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