Touratech Suspension


Most shocks suffer from harsh high speed compression valving or too little compression valving, as well as an improper amount of rebound damping. This in turn creates a feeling of instability, kicking, improper ride height, and insufficient bottoming resistance. Once we review the rider profile form and after consulting with you, the internal damping circuits will be redesigned based on your height, weight, skill level, age, riding style, and the terrain you cover.  What you will benefit from this is a more controlled, balanced, and progressive feel.

Complete disassemble
Cleaning and inspection, repair, servicing of all internal items
Replacement of worn items
Vacuum Bleed Shock
Reassembly with high quality fluids
Replacement of bushings and seals with thoroughly tested and proven products
Full 60 day warranty
Unlimited phone support
5 day turn around with an appointment.

*Wear items not included in package are based per application