We often get asked the question by newer riders of what they should/will expect performance wise after having their suspension properly setup for their weight and riding abilities.  This is a very tough question to answer for us in simple terms other than it will "not deflect over square edge hits and bottoming will be improved significantly, it will be a more controlled compliant suspension action". 

We have sourced three sets of 2015 fork and shocks for a KTM 690 that we have setup and ready to ship for our customers to try out on their personal bikes.  This will allow our customers to feel and see what the level of performance they can expect.

The way this program will work is as follows:

1. Email us to discuss your riding abilities, associated weights, and where in the country you live.  We will ensure the appropriate springs are installed and setup accordingly prior to shipping.

2.. Deposit of $2000.00 is taken and held during the duration of time the customer is in possession, refund will take place once the suspension arrives back at Konflict Motorsports and inspected.

3. Suspension can be picked up at our shop, or shipped to your location.  Shipping fee's apply.

4. Rental fee of $150.00 will be taken on top of the $2000.00 deposit, if suspension services at that time are arranged and deposit taken the rental fee will be applied towards suspension services.  IF services are not arranged at that time, the rental fee will be applied towards balance.

5. Rental duration is for two weeks from date of receiving suspension, longer durations will acquire a $25.00 per day rental fee if not prearranged.

Contact us at alex@konflictmotorsports.com or give us a ring at the shop at (425) 681-5160 for more details.