PNW Rally School

Konflict Motorsports & Suspension Inc. and Rally Management Services team to bring Rally Raid training to the PNW!

When: August 8th-9th 2015

Where: Eastern Washington (Exact location to be released at a later date)

Cost: $600.00


Classroom style navigation training/instruction from some of the best navigators in the United States.

Two days (175-230 miles each) of road-book routes through some of the best scenery and challenging terrain Washington has to offer!

Bivouac style camping/atmosphere.

Two breakfasts, two lunches, and one diner + snacks and drinks.

Bike Rentals: $300.00 per day.

KTM 450-500cc equipped with complete Rally Lite Setups from RMS.

Includes new tires & Bibs (roughly $600.00 per bike)

Navigation Equipment Rentals: $300.00

Rally Lite kits are available from RMS to utilize during the training.


We can facilitate transportation, lodging, and camping equipment for the event, please to discuss what details you require.

From Rally Management Services:

Many other forms of off-road racing, involve a lot of mental training. You need to know how to manage your bike and body and learn to navigate using only a roadbook and compass heading.

We run small, private training events for our own Dakar team and for competitors preparing for international rallies. You will learn from experienced racers all about navigating, and keeping your head (and yourself) in the race. Recently described as "baptism by fire" by an attendee, this is focused, hard-core training, not a "weekend getaway" event. It's for advanced riders and racers who are breaking into the cross-country rally discipline.

During our time off the bikes, we discuss all the other aspects of rally racing, from preparation to logistics to spares to fitness. There is a ton of information to learn about competing in an international rally. We have the knowledge and experience and would love to share it with you.

Roadbooks are made utilizing Rally Navigator-

Be sure to read this excerpt from the upcoming Rally Handbook to learn about RALLY NAVIGATION.


Spots are limited to a maximum of 12 riders, and will fill up quickly.

Contact: Alex Martens- Konflict Motorsports & Suspension Inc.
(425) 681-5160 – –

Contact: Dave Peckham- Rally Management Services
(415) 578-4888 - -