Konflict KTM 1290 Adventure R


Alex Martens

CEO Konflict Motorsports & Suspension Inc.



We were interested in seeing what the newest version of the KTM LC8's were all about and, specifically the KTM 1290 Adventure R to have a test-bed for the newest version of the WP SPLIT ROTA 4860 fork, and 4618 DCC PA shock to complete our research & development as well to have a platform to test the products we offer.

We encountered some difficulties with the 1290, but are going full out with this build showcasing our services and products we offer, keep an eye out for future blog post's!

With that being said, our first impressions of the bike are extremely positive! We initially felt very comfortable on the bike, and impressed the incremental ergonomic adjustments KTM has made with it's Adventure platforms over the years. We opted to install small upgrades, like the Fasst Co. FlexxBars, and wider pegs to accommodate for adventure riding. The Rottweiler Performance intake system, which has drastically improved the performance of the motor, was our next addition. Next we wrapped it in a Black Dog Cycle Works Skidplate, to provide the best all-around protection possible.

Electronic issues have traditionally plagued the first year models, and the 1290 is no exception - as the production cycles move forward many of these issues will be addressed in Austria, and we will see an improved overall package. For lighting solutions and upgrades - we chose to go with Cyclops Adventure Sports units.

With the new KTM 790 ADV looming on the horizon - we are proud to say that we're still committed to R&D on all major makes and models to provide comprehensive applications for our customers suspension needs, and we're excited to see the mid-size adventure segment growing, and will be developing a 790 ADV as soon as we can get our hands on one.