Konflict Motorsports is Moving to Austin, Texas!

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Seattle has been very welcoming to us, and we have been fortunate to spend ten years here, but we miss warmer climates along with family and friends.  We will be relocating to Austin, Texas at the end of January 2019.

Why Austin?
Austin is in the heart of Texas Hill Country, which is an amazing locale with incredible riding.  In many ways, Austin is a playground for off-road/motocross and adventure bike riding communities. With having every type of terrain imaginable, along with Colorado/Utah/Mexico being in our backyard we are looking forward seeing what these places have to offer. With Austin being centrally located within the US, this will shorten shipping timelines for our clients, allowing quicker turn around times as well allowing us to attend a number of races/events/rally's we normal wouldn't be able to attend. 

I am excited to make this move to Austin! This is something that has been in the works for a while and I am eager to see it all come together.  The race series in Texas and surrounding states are something I personally look forward to attending, along with building our business while supporting the local community. We look forward to everything Texas has to offer and all the great things Konflict Motorsports will bring the the riding community.
Our new shop is something I am proud of, its been purpose built and has a number of features our existing location could not provide. We've been in Austin a number of times over the last year checking the local riding scene, working with a number of the local riders and spent some time at the riding areas. To say we are excited for this next step would be an understatement!"

Alex Martens | President
Konflict Motorsports

Konflict Motorsports is Suspending operations from January 28th-February 4th to relocate.

Please coordinate suspension shipments accordingly!

Shipments may arrive at our new location on or after February 4th.

ARE accepting appointments during the move. 

Please contact us by email at info@konflictmotorsports.com, or submit your appointment request online

New Address:
Konflict Motorsports
4501 Weletka Dr. Suite #2
Austin, Texas 78734