The KM2 is for those customers looking for the best. Included in our KM2 package, along with modifying the internals, polishing, and compression, rebound, and mid-stroke set-up. What this set-up creates is almost a stiction free, compliant, responsive, confidence inspiring feel when riding on rocks and roots, but increases the firmness for the big hits, whoops, and g-outs you encounter.

  • Complete disassemble
  • Cleaning, Inspection, Repair, and Servicing of all Internal Items
  • Replacement of worn items
  • Vacuum Bleed Shock
  • Reassembly with Maxima high-quality fluids
  • Replacement of bushings and seals with thoroughly tested and proven products
  • Full 60-day Warranty
  • Unlimited Phone Support

*Wear items not included in package are based per application