Adventure Suspension


Our KM3 fork revalve are for those pushing the limits of their bikes, and looking for the best performing, highest quality suspension action possible.  With the custom pistons, polishing of the internals and valving system design this setup allows the utmost in performance, and rider comfort.  This set-up creates is almost a stiction free,  compliant, responsive, confidence inspiring feel when riding on rocks and roots,  but increases the firmness for the big hits, whoops, and g-outs you encounter on an even greater level than our KM2 package.

Complete disassemble
Cleaning and inspection, repair, servicing of all internal items
Replacement of worn items
Vacuum Bleed Shock
Reassembly with high quality fluids
Replacement of bushings and seals with thoroughly tested and proven products
Full 60 day warranty
Unlimited phone support

*Wear items not included in package are based per application