KTM 690 Enduro Rally Raid Adventure Shock by Tractive

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KTM 690 Enduro Rally Raid Adventure Shock by Tractive


This high-quality adventure-style rear shock,made exclusively for Rally-Raid Products by Tractive Suspension in Nederlands,has been specifically designed to give increased performance under the extreme conditions experienced by adventure riding,with rough terrain, heavy luggage and extra fuel,and offers many advantages over the KTM 690 Enduro WP OEM unit.

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It uses our own CAD designed shock body top,to give the correct clearance between the KTM 690 airbox, fuel tank and frame,as well as allowing easy access to the MX-style high & low speed compression adjusters.

Also fitted,as a standard feature, is Tractive Suspensions own unique length adjuster,incorporated into the lower shock mounting.This allows the shock length to be reduced by up to 8mm, by undoing the locknut and winding in the lower mount. This 8mm adjustment at the shock equates to a reduction of 28mm at the rear wheel,allowing the rider to personalise the ride height to suit conditions. No need for any internal shock modifications, or after-market linkage parts to reduce ride height.

Tractive utilizes only the best materials, top suppliers and highest available technologies. All basic components are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum alloys or stainless steel. The piston rods are made from CrMo alloy to achieve the best possible strength and ductility at the lowest possible weight. Springs are wound from the most superior material available on the market featuring lightest weight at longest life. 

Tractive shocks are based on 4616 system, meaning a piston diameter of 46 mm and a piston rod of 16mm. Dimensions that guarantee a perfect balance between performance, endurance and adjustability.

It can be fitted with no other modifications to the bike required, and offers several improvements over the OEM shock.

They are supplied with the following features as standard:

  • Ride height adjustment from 250mm maximum to 222mm minimum (28mm reduction).
  • High and Low-Speed compression adjustment,as per OEM shock absorber, for maximum damping control.
  • Rebound damping adjuster.
  • A 95Nm rear spring is supplied as standard,but can be fitted with either 90Nm or 100Nm, depending on rider weight and motorcycle specification when ordering.
  • Tractive Suspension's own preload adjuster ring,in anodized aluminium,is drilled with 6mm holes,so that pre-load can be easily adjusted through the KTM 690 trellis frame with only a 6mm bar ( tool supplied with shock in kit).
  • Full 2-year warranty on all parts.
  • Each shock absorber is dyno-tested for accurate performance before despatch,at the Tractive Suspension factory.